There will be two sessions on disability at the 2012 Central APA in New Orleans:

Disability: New Perspectives on Justice, Well-being and Virtue

Sponsored by the APA Committee on Inclusiveness
Co-sponsored by the Committee on Philosophy and Law
Friday Feb. 22, 3:00-6:00 PM.

Chair: Thomas E. Hill, Jr., UNC Chapel Hill

Adam Cureton, University of Tennessee – Some Virtues of Disability

Dan Moller, University of Maryland, College Park - Welfare Theory and the Disability Paradox

Anita Silvers, San Francisco State University - Inclusive justice, affirmative action and standing paper

Lawrence C Becker, Fellow of Hollins University, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, College of William & Mary - Distillation, Habilitation, and Whole Lives: Toward More Inclusive Frames of Reference for Philosophy

Reflections on Disability and Philosophy

Co-Sponsored by the Society for Philosophy and Disability
February 23,  9:00 AM-12:00

Chair: Anita Silvers, San Francisco State University

Licia Carlson, Providence College, Re-Imagining Intellectual Disability: The Ethical Significance of Musical Experience
Commentator: Adam Cureton, University of Tennessee

Joseph Stramondo, Michigan State University, Why Bioethics Needs a Disability Moral Psychology and Epistemology
Commentator: Bryce Huebner, Georgetown University