Sessions on Disability at the 2016 Eastern APA

Society for Philosophy and Disability:  Philosophy of Disability: Ableism and Affect

FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 11:15 A.M.–1:15 P.M.


Chair: Adam Cureton (University of Tennessee)


Joel Michael Reynolds (Emory University) “The Charmed Pendulum of Ability: Ethical Theory at the Intersections of Ableism and Affect”

Jennifer Scuro (The College of New Rochelle) “Ableist Implications of Diagnostics and Diagnoses”

Lauren Guilmette (Florida Atlantic University) “Getting It (Sometimes) Right: Feminist Philosophies of Disability and the Ethics of Curiosity”

APA Committee Session: The Procreative Asymmetry in Ethics and the Law Arranged by the APA Committee on Philosophy and Law

FRIDAY, JANUARY 8: 1:30P.M.–4:30 P.M.

Chair: David T. Wasserman (National Institutes of Health)


David DeGrazia (George Washington University)

Johann Frick (Princeton University)

David Heyd (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Melinda A. Roberts (The College of New Jersey)

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Hello, I'm a new member and I'm disabled myself.
Question: does anyone here know about twice exceptionality? I am a philosophy major right now; in the future, I wish to be a therapist to work with gifted\disabled folks, twice exceptionals, because I see that human services and psychlogy are still in their infancy regarding intellectually gifted disabled folks.

From a philosophical view, i enjoy disecting the political, social, intellectual structural barriers that impede gifted disabled folks from advancing.
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Professor Eva Kittay (Stony Brook University) will deliver the Eastern APA Presidential Address on Friday, January 6 from 4:45-7:00pm. Her talk is titled "The Moral Significance of Being Human." ... See MoreSee Less

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