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Call for Abstracts
The Second Annual Lehigh University Conference in Philosophy
Philosophy Unbound
Thursday October 23—Friday 24, 2014
Keynote speaker: Louise Antony, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Lehigh University Philosophy Department invites submissions for our Second Annual Conference in Philosophy. We are interested in submissions that challenge, redraw, or even erase traditional divisions either within philosophy or between philosophy and other disciplines.
Submissions might address connections/divisions between philosophy and disciplines such as art history, literary studies, anthropology, history, various sciences, disability studies, gender studies, economics, race theory; or philosophy's complacent periodizations into, for example, pre-Socratic, ancient, modern, contemporary; or its ready-made dichotomies, such as materialism/idealism, dualism/monism, naturalism/non-naturalism, continental/analytic, empiricism/rationalism, theory/practice.
Submission deadline:
May 15, 2014

Electronic submission of detailed abstracts (750-1000 words) should be in Word or pdf
format. Reading time for presented papers is 30 minutes.

Send abstracts as attachments to with “LU conference submission” as the subject. Please include in body of e-mail your name, paper title, institutional affiliation, and contact information.
Department of Philosophy
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA

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Hello, I'm a new member and I'm disabled myself.
Question: does anyone here know about twice exceptionality? I am a philosophy major right now; in the future, I wish to be a therapist to work with gifted\disabled folks, twice exceptionals, because I see that human services and psychlogy are still in their infancy regarding intellectually gifted disabled folks.

From a philosophical view, i enjoy disecting the political, social, intellectual structural barriers that impede gifted disabled folks from advancing.
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Professor Eva Kittay (Stony Brook University) will deliver the Eastern APA Presidential Address on Friday, January 6 from 4:45-7:00pm. Her talk is titled "The Moral Significance of Being Human." ... See MoreSee Less

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